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It doesn't get more realistic than this. Allegiance has a space-realistic flight model (which makes for challenging dogfighting), incredible graphics, smooth animation even for an on-line game, and complicated game play. It's also multiplayer only, so there are no wimpy AI pilots to fight.

Play is similar to Tachyon's Base Wars, but much more complicated. Allegiance combines elements of real time strategy, especially for the Commander, and flight sim. Miners must be deployed to gather resources and defended while they mine. Resources become credits which can buy better ships and equipment. Capital ships are even available to fly. The goal varies from game to game, but generally it is "capture all of the opponents sectors" by building bases in them and crushing the oppositions' bases.

The story line is simple: After the destruction of Earth, several powerful Terran organizations battle for dominance of mankind. Shortly afterwards, an alien race called the Rixian Unity enters the war. You choose which of five factions you want to fight for, and aid them toward conquering the universe.

Allegiance is no longer fee-based, and really doesn't see much support on the MSN Gaming Zone any more. I recommend you get the "My Allegiance" Patch (below) and play on the Total Games network - it's free!

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