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This isn't a space combat flight simulater per se, but as it takes place in a futuristic undersea world, it may as well be. Just like space combat sims, you have a three dimensional world to move in, your ship doesn't drop toward the ground when you come to a full stop, you can't exit your ship for fear of decompression, there's a "DiPole Drive" that's parallel to hyperspace, etc. This game will probably appeal to space combat fans.

Every review and anyone who plays this will tell you that the first thing you notice is the stellar graphics. Only Independence War 2 even comes close. The "flight model" is also very playable, though as it occurs undersea it isn't space realistic. The most frustrating thing about the game play is that you can only go 89 degrees up or down. You can't do a vertical loop. Some of the better AI pilots use this to their advantage and perch above you to fire down, where they're hard to target. Next notch down the coolness list is the story line: it's an interesting and engaging story, but it's very linear and doesn't provide the flexibility of exploration or mission choice that many of today's games offer. Finally, the voice actors are dismal. I don't know where Massive/Fishtank dug them up, but I've heard high school drama clubs do better.

Turn the voices off and you'll enjoy this game.

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