Colony Wars 3 Box shot
Colony Wars 3: Red Sun
If you want a game that will show off what the PlayStation is really capable of, this is it. Above-par graphics for the PlayStation, tons of missions, cutscenes, smooth animation, playable flight model... This game has it all. The ship models are pretty ugly, but since it's first person you don't have to look at them. I found the almost stream-of-consciousness story telling difficult to follow, and the missions seemed only loosly tied to the story line (with some exceptions) rather than integral to it. The ThunderDrome tournaments are supposed to be free-for-alls, but they work out to be more of "gang up on the player" fights, and they're brutallly hard. A few of the missions don't seem to give you enough time to accomplish your objectives. These flaws notwithstanding, this game is a gem.