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FreeSpace 2
Shaving just under StarLancer is FreeSpace2. Really, the top four games in this list are brilliant, and choosing one over the other is really just preference. The story line is quite different from Tachyon's, but still believable and engaging. You take the role of a military pilot working your way up through the ranks as the army tries to quell a minor rebellion, but larger problems are looming, as the enemy from the original FreeSpace game returns with new ships and technology. The flight model is a bit more space-realistic than Tachyon's, but it's still very comfortable to play. Like Tachyon, you have a variety of ships and weapons to choose from, but your access to them is based on your rank rather than your budget. Finally, there is less exploration in this game than Tachyon, so you have little opportunity to simply enjoy flying through space and seeing the sights on the way to your next assignment.

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