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SunDog, the Frozen Legacy
This game was written way back for the Apple II and the Atari ST, but it's quite possibly the best SciFi Video Game ever made. GET THIS GAME! I can't say it any clearer than that. In spite of its modern competition, it's still a brilliantly enjoyable game. It incorporates RPG, Flight Sim, and trading elements.

You assume the role of a slave, who's just inherited his free uncle's freighter. Your job is to complete your uncle's last contract, which he mortgaged the freighter to acquire. That contract is to provide all the raw materials, including crygenic colonists, to develop a new colony. All you know is that the Colony is somewhere on Jonnd, but you don't know where, nor do you know where the cryogenically frozen colonists are stored throughout the galaxy. You will have to trade to make profit so you can buy the colony's raw materials, refuel and repair your ship, eat, sleep, and have the equipment to fight off pirates. Should you complete your uncle's contract, you will receive the deed for the freighter and your freedom. If you fail, the freighter is siezed and you return to the life of a slave.

SunDog is available free on the web from, playable through an Atari ST emulator (included).

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