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There aren't many Space Combat Flight Sim offerings out there for the Macintosh. All that I know of are reviewed on this site. (If anybody else knows of any, please E-mail me!) I had no trouble getting my joystick to work with the MacOS 9 version, but the MacOS X version did not recognize my joystick until I had purchased the full version of the game. Even then, the joystick controls are mapped like the mouse controls (i.e. forward on the stick means "up" on the Y axis, and back on the stick means "down"), which are exactly the opposite of normal flight controls. That would be fine if they provided an option to invert the axis, but they don't. This makes playing with a joystick on the MacOS X version awkward for flight sim enthusiasts. However, the graphics and animation on the MacOS X version are much superior to the OS 9 version.

Zone Warrior's graphics are smooth (not pixilated) and well rendered, but the models are extremely simple, making everything look like a plastic toy. The flight model is playable, even without a joystick. Each level is considerably harder than the last, which makes for enjoyable game play. The radar screen on the HUD, though, is terrible. It's essentially two dimensional, and the only way you can tell if something's above or below you is by color. Navigating and finding your enemies can be difficult. There doesn't seem to be much of a story line, just "save the space station," so it plays like a simple arcade game. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a Space Flight Sim on the Mac, this one's worth a look. A Demo is available for all versions.

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